– for those of you who would rather go your own way

For artist groups, creative micro-businesses and others who would rather go their own way. We help you innovate and update your artistic/creative self-narrative. Here is a course that we can organize in close cooperation with you, so that it fits where you are now - and where you want to go. Often it starts with a focus on communication and then it becomes development along the way - because clear communication and self-understanding nurtures and creates development. Communication is always something that happens both inwardly (to yourself) and outwardly to those you create value for.

The strategic course consists of these elements


  • We map your creative DNA
  • We reflect your strongest field of opportunity
  • Mapping the landscape you are a part of
  • Together we create a communication strategy. In practice that is a checklist and guideline for what your most important value is, what difference you contribute and what you need to communicate so that others understand.


  • We facilitate (according to your needs) meetings with creative partners on your communication strategy in SoMe, visual design, press and marketing. And not least we are tuning in on how to get the most productive cooperation with these creative partners so that your brand gets lifted and your meetings will be fruitful.
  • Based on this process, we produce a text that describes your value to various audiences that you can use à la plug-n-play.


Sådan gør vi:

  • A 3 hours reflection talk
  • Written post-reflection
  • Meeting focusing on usable-in-practice communication strategy
  • Reflection on what kind of business partners you need to lift your communication strategy
  • Facilitating meetings with relevant partners + focus on how you create the good collaboration that makes the most value in the long term
  • Copy writing that describes your value to different audiences.

Price: 12,800 incl. VAT. Can be paid in 2 installments.

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