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Through the years we have collaborated with: Kristján Ingimarsson Company | Teater FÅR302 | 60 Seconds Short Film Festival | Nordic Beasts | CPH:DOX Bio | NextDoor Project | CoreAct | The Danish National School of Performing Arts | Internationale Tanzmesse | Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen | Mute Comp. Physical Theatre | DON GNU PHYSICAL THEATRE & FILM | WORKS AT WORK | Det Frie Felts Festival / Selected Works | LiminalDK | Teater Bidt | Husets Teater | Rapid Eye | Wunderverk | Global Stories | Sydhavn Teater.

Tine Byrdal - Dramaturg and Head of Communication at Teater FÅR302:

With her special flair for putting her finger on the pulse and conveying the questions of the contemporary and human existence to which our theatrical performances are a reaction, Karen Toftegaard has quickly become an indispensable public relations partner and advisor for Teater FÅR302. At Teater FÅR302, we are proud to be called unpredictable, which is why it has been important for us to find a public relations partner with an open and curious approach to performances where we do not always know the answer in advance. With her solid experience in communication, Karen is also a great consultative support and sparring partner for us in relation to press handling, visibility and cultivation of new audience groups and new ways to reach out and be in dialogue with the audience.

Teater FÅR302 and Karen Toftegaard have worked together since 2018. Teater FÅR302's mission is to challenge the performing arts with performances that experiment in form and content. As a public relations partner, Karen Toftegaard has been an important contributor in realizing the theater's vision of thinking in non-traditional artistic collaborations and bringing unique performing arts experiences to even more audiences.

The social performance duo CoreAct - Helene Kvint and Anika Barkan:

Karen Toftegaard shows a sharpness in her direct and positively challenging approach to the PR & Marketing work. She can devise an individual strategy for each project and see it through – through her extensive network, among other things. She is always there with creative solutions. She is the one.

CoreAct and Karen Toftegaard have worked together continuously since 2006. Karen Toftegaard has been a part of CoreAct's board of directors for several years and since 2012 chairman of the board. Their PR & Marketing collaboration really came through at the theater success "HEIDI - A Journey to Hell with Simon Spies" , which played at Teater Grob in 2014.

The Project Center in Dansehallerne:

The Project Center in Dansehallerne invited Karen Toftegaard to facilitate a workshop for choreographers, dancers and producers to make them clearer in telling the story of their performance or work. At that workshop, Karen managed to get participants to articulate their vision for their art in such a way that it became clear what they were actually going to sell to the audience. Some good dialogues were created between the artists and it created a great synergy for the sharing of experience between them.

The Projekt Center in Dansehallerne manages the choreographers' performances and projects - and guides and advises choreographers and others in the dance area around fundraising, budgeting and preparation of applications. Karen Toftegaard was part of Dansehallernes Mentorbank (2013 – 2014), where she advised choreographers and dance producers on public relations, marketing and branding through storytelling.

Social art pioneer Helle Fuglsang (Wilma Version):

Karen has helped me to see and understand my own artistic work.

As a person and professional, she manages to express the wordless, look behind the concept and convey it in an easily understandable form that opens the artistic processes to the general public. She gives the audience a key, an easier approach to seeing my performances.

Through her creative, analytical and poetic point of view, Karen has been able to convey the projects and establish them in a social and political context. Through her dissemination, she becomes a constructive co-creator of processes and projects.

Helle Fuglsang worked with Karen Toftegaard on the following projects (2007-2015): Horizontal Vertical, Ballroom, Bond Age, Decibel, Box, Black & White, to forestillinger i Tanzania: ChainsXChains og WhiteInBlack samt LessHomeLess og Clothes make the man.

Mille Maria Dalsgaard, manager and founder of Sydhavn Teater:

As a manager, I have worked closely with Karen Toftegaard to make the theatre’s values visible to the public and also to be visible as a theatre manager in a larger public. Becoming visible is a process and Karen Toftegaard has experience, tools, and empathy for the artist's situation and position, to accompany the process in a rewarding way. This leads to a new way of seeing your own practice and strengthens the articulation of it both externally and internally.

Karen Toftegaard possesses the ability to sharpen angles and make complex contexts and themes relevant to the common man, and she shows great respect for my artistic project with Sydhavn Theater, which I experience Karen Toftegaard has seen to a great extent.

 As a counselor, Karen Toftegaard is understanding, while not retaining herself to be the devil's sharp-cut advocate. An ability I really appreciate because it makes Sydhavn Teater and me as a theater manager look forward. She is able to quickly analyze a situation, cut to the core of the problem and with her great human and media understanding make me reflect and thus develop both the theatre and me as a leader.

Sydhavn Teater, Karen Toftegaard and her team have worked together for three epoch-making years for Sydhavn Teater, where the theater went from being a project theater to a small metropolitan theater under the City of Copenhagen with demands for greater visibility. KT ApS has helped Sydhavn Teater navigate in this process, in the form of press releases, communication strategy, discussion and advising.