We are a sounding board for creative organizations and personalities.

  • When you have to create art and culture that makes a real difference to people (especially through festivals, performing arts, movies and in the urban space)
  • When you need to communicate what you are doing - both internally within your organization but also to all stakeholders. Too many do not update their self-understanding (narrative) of what it is you create and what real value you give others.
  • When you need to communicate change - while making or planning them - both internally and externally.
  • We always do it in a way so that learning and knowledge are shared and communicated to you, because we know the importance of organizations growing and learning from the challenges they have. We believe in supporting organizations in being able to do things themselves - while taking care of specific tasks.
  • That's why we collaborate with artists and creative organizations that are driven by expanding our understanding of each other and the world we are a part of.
  • We also create projects that contribute to this.
  • And that's why we teach to provide both communicative tools and elicit an understanding of what kind of reality that the individual or organization is navigating.

We are a mobile and flexible team - led by Karen ToftegaardSometimes we are many - other times only one. Some are freelancers, others self-employed and permanent. It depends on the task. The motto is: "The right person and the right team for the task are the most important". The philosophy is to create a form of collaboration that is driven by good energy - where people work with tasks, they are passionate about and really feel that they can make a difference. Or as Clint Eastwood says: "Action is in front of the camera - not behind."

We are driven by values such as curiosity, great team play, high quality, developing partnerships and the desire to be right there, where something particularly interesting is going on.

We believe that clear and honest communication can strengthen our understanding of the outside world and compassion for one another.

We collaborate with: Kristján Ingimarsson Company | CPH STAGE | NextDoor Project | CoreAct | The Danish National School of Performing Arts | Internationale Tanzmesse | Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen | Mute Comp. Physical Theatre | DON GNU PHYSICAL THEATRE & FILM | WORKS AT WORK | Det Frie Felts Festival | LiminalDK | Teater Bidt | Husets Teater | Rapid Eye | Wunderverk | Global Stories | Sydhavn Teater.

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