To artists, producers, creatives who have been at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

We would like to get in contact with artists, producers, creatives who have sold their own work at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. We’re looking for people from different countries to interview about how they have dealt with the intense focus on becoming visible. Stepping into an arena of high-pressure, challenge and striving to get your work visible and stand out at the world’s biggest festival while aiming to perform successfully and produce good results in an environment where your work directly influence the outcome for your whole team, can trigger many feelings and behavioral patterns to cope with – overcome or abandon.

The interview will take 40 minutes. The purpose of the interviews is to extract strategies and creative solutions that helps people to better navigate the emotional responses and thought processes under this high pressure situation and the general stress of becoming visible. Our overall purpose is to support creatives in their work – by identifying and developing more sustainable strategies. We have a lot of experience with creatives’ experiences of standing in the visible arena and want to learn even more. The essence of and learning from the interviews will be integrated into an upcoming book discussing visibility for creatives with a holistic approach to communication, as well as into the 21 days online-workshop SHINE YOUR WORK. We’re planning a special Edinburgh edition for 2023. Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an amazing beast of a festival – and the perfect place to observe how one deals with visibility. A lot of creatives have ambivalent feelings and attitude when it comes to selling their work. When you overcome them you can sell non-apologetically and with integrity – of course given that you have a good project and can identify who needs it, who it is for.


  • Please fill out this link:  – and we’ll be conducting interviews (confidential) from now till 30. September 2022. SHINE YOUR WORK in January 2023 – everybody responding to this request will get a half-price-voucher for the workshop in January which runs online 5. – 20. January.
  • Everyone we conduct an interview with will receive a short summary about the lessons learned and recurring themes observed in the interviews as well as a for-free-voucher to the workshop SHINE YOUR WORK either in January or the SHINE YOUR WORK – Edinburgh edition July + August 2023. The voucher can also be given to someone else.

Thank you for your time. And rest well.


During the lockdown Karen Toftegaard gathered a lot of her knowledge and workshop experience about promotion with integrity for creatives and distilled it into a 21 days online workshop – SHINE YOUR WORK. It premiered in 2021 in English and has so far been held 4 times with people from more than 15 different countries. From now on, the SHINE YOUR WORK workshop will run every January in English – connecting international creatives – open for everyone. However, we also offer exclusive versions of the digital workshop. In autumn 2022, we’re going to take the next step and make the workshop in a hybrid version for the first time – still with the 21 days online course combined with 1 or 2 in-person workshop days exclusively for two organizations like the Danish National School of Performing Arts – further education and Danish Visual Arts Association.


Karen Toftegaard is a serial cultural entrepreneur born and based in Denmark – developing cultural events, festivals and an award-winning outdoor gallery. She is a published author. BRUG DIN KREATIVITET (Use your creativity) was published in Danish in 2014. She is now working on the book SYNLIGHEDENS PSYKOLOGI (The psychology of visibility) – first in Danish – then followed by an English version.

Karen Toftegaard has been a cultural entrepreneur in Copenhagen for 20 years, developing cultural events, festivals and an award-winning outdoor gallery. In 2021 she founded Denmark’s first festival for digital first theatre – RE:LOCATIONS.

Starting out in a municipal culture institution she later moved on to the large-scale theaters Camp X and Republique. Today Karen is the founding director of a PR company and of the production and promotion company WILDTOPIA. Since 2017 she has lead the creation of the international days at CPH STAGE, Denmark`s annual national festival for performing arts. From 2022, she is also the Head of International Programming at the festival. In 2018 she initiated the first Nordic collaboration at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is the producer of the #DANISH showcase at EdFringe – presented by the Danish arts Foundation – first in digital versions 2020 and 2021. In 2021 she founded Denmark’s first festival for digital first theatre – RE:LOCATIONS. This festival develops in co-producing and – presenting remote theatre in different shape and form.

Karen Toftegaard is committed to developing a balanced leadership and is currently attending the education future leadership which focuses on balancing and unfolding the feminine leadership balanced with the masculine leadership. She is a certified Shadow Facilitator.