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“Clarity about who you are and what role you play in society as a creative organization or personality is one of the most important things to be aware of. Because it allows us to act with a strong understanding of why, how and with whom, we can make the biggest difference - right now and in the future.”

Karen Toftegaard


Author, director, entrepreneur and international promoter Karen Toftegaard has a strong career as a cultural serial entrepreneur of, among others, the award-winning Street Gallery AirPlay (with a communication collective of 5 women) and the creative production and promotion company WILDTOPIA IVS (founded in collaboration with the manufacturer). This has been done in conjunction with 10 years of cultural institution experience in both municipal and state-funded frameworks(KraftWerket, Camp X and Republique).

Karen Toftegaard is sounding board for creative people with a focus on public relations and the initiation and development of arts and cultural projects / initiatives (especially festivals and performing arts). As the director of Karen Toftegaard ApS, Karen Toftegaard Holding ApS and WILDTOPIA, she has been in charge of major, both national and international, cultural projects, where one must navigate with not only one's own but also everyone else's expectations.

In addition to being an experienced facilitator, Karen is also co-author of the book BRUG DIN KREATIVITET(USE YOUR CREATIVITY). She teaches at a number of artistic / creative schools in Copenhagen, among others The Royal Danish Music Conservatory,, Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, The Danish Performing Arts School, The Film and Theater School.In addition, in the company WILDTOPIA IVS she does a number of workshops internationally click here to see more about workshops.

Collaboration partners for workshops and lectures:

BogForum | CPH STAGE | Dansehallerne – The Project Center | The Danish National School of Performing Arts | The Danish National School of Performing Arts Further Education | The Royal Danish Academy of Music | Internationale Tanzmesse (Sitesweden) | Projektpionererne | University of Copenhagen – Department of Arts and Cultural Studies | Metropolis Laboratory | KraftWerket | Netværket Zonta | Netværket KarmaKvinder | Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design | SubURBAN Dancefestival | Scenekunstens Kommunikation | The Development Platform for the Performing Arts and others.

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